QP: VIA Rail Canadian Train

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Minister of Transport and it pertains to a critical threat to the survival of VIA Rail and our coast to coast service.

The previous minister of transportation convened a panel, chaired by former cabinet minister David Emerson, and it has now reported. Shockingly, it recommends that the Liberal government kill passenger rail service between Toronto and Vancouver. This transcontinental train, the Canadian, is an essential part of Sir John A. Macdonald’s national dream.

Could the minister confirm that the government will protect VIA Rail, and restore and invest in our trans-Canada rail service?

The Honourable Marc Garneau:
Mr. Speaker, it is important that other levels of government and stakeholders have an opportunity to read the CTA review report and share their perspectives on its findings before we address specific recommendations.

I have been mandated by the Prime Minister to respond to the review. I can assure Canadians that this government is committed to developing the best approach to delivering a safe, efficient, and reliable passenger rail service in Canada from coast to coast.