Small Business Week: Elizabeth May’s Private Member’s Bill would make small business a priority for all new legislation

(OTTAWA) – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands), released the following statement during Small Business Week:

“In May 2015, I introduced a Private Member’s Bill that would ensure that the federal government supports and promotes small businesses by establishing a mandatory review process to consider the impacts of legislation on small businesses,” Ms. May said. “The Creation of the Small Business Assessment Act (C-682) is now awaiting second reading. During Small Business Week, I urge my colleague and Government House Leader, the Hon. Bardish Chaggar, to consider converting this bill into a government-sponsored bill to assist small businesses across Canada.”

Jean-Luc Cooke, GPC Critic for Small Business, said: “Small businesses are vital to the economy of small towns and employ half of Canadians. We will continue to champion small businesses as the job and wealth creators they are.”

Bill C-682 would amend the Department of Industry Act to establish a mandatory review of the potential impact any proposed government bill or regulation would have on small businesses. A Small Business Impact Assessment would consider how changes to regulations and legislation would impact:

  • Small businesses’ ability to seek financial assistance
  • Conditions for investments in and by small businesses
  • Small businesses’ ability to participate in a competitive marketplace
  • The long-term viability and sustainability of small businesses.