Statement by Elizabeth May on the passing of Farley Mowat

My last visit with Farley, seen here with Claire Mowat, and my daughter Cate, Farley's God-daughter, January 3, 2014.“When someone you love dies, it is not possible to begin to express the love and loss. Farley Mowat was one of my dearest friends. His 93rd birthday would have been this coming Monday and — as always — I was looking forward to talking to him.

“Farley Mowat was a champion for the wild things. He spoke with unflinching courage against humanity’s destruction of each other and of the other species with whom we share this planet.

“He raised public consciousness of the famine that laid siege to the Inuit. Farley spoke for whales and seabirds, for tadpoles and mosses. He was possessed of a ferocious talent, able to write stories that provoked laughter, tears and action.

“We owe him more than I can say.”

Memorable Moments