Statement: Claremont High School

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, how often do we hear people ask, “What are we going to do to ensure that Canadian youth get involved with civic affairs, with democracy, start voting and participating in our society?” I am so proud of a small high school, which is not that small really, in my riding, Claremont high school in Cordova Bay, that answered this question with something they called rails to relevance.


The global studies program there decided to offer for students in grade 11 the chance to take the train from Vancouver all the way to Ottawa and learn about the country on the way. I was on board and doing onboard seminars with my friend from the NDP, our local MLA, Lana Popham. They saw their country all the way from Vancouver to Quebec City and were able to be here in Parliament. In Parliament, I am grateful to my colleagues, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the leader of the official opposition and the leader of the Liberal Party for meeting with these wonderful students.

Thanks to Mark Neufeld, thanks to Sally Hansen, the local school district, VIA Rail, and everyone who made this fantastic trip possible.