Statement in memory of Constable Pierre Lozier

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, I often think of this place as being a family. Regardless of political party, we are all here together and supported by amazing people.

We had a death in the family on January 14. We lost one of those who truly does stand on guard for us. Constable Pierre Lozier, a member of our protective services, died tragically and far too young. He was only 50.

Pete, and he went by “Pete”, had served this place and protected parliamentarians for over 30 years. He was part of a tremendous group with esprit de corps. Pete was one those who, On October 22, 2014, unarmed, ran toward gunfire to protect us.

We lost him, and I want all of us to tell his family and those grieving his loss how much we honour and respect him, and express our gratitude to those who continue to protect us.