Statement on International Migrants Day

Please read the below statement from Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich–Gulf Islands and Leader of the Green Party of Canada, recognising International Migrants Day:

Today is International Migrants Day. Our history of welcoming migrants has profoundly and positively shaped the Canada we know today. The right of migrants to come to Canada is enshrined in our international obligations. 

I am committed to fighting against a two-tiered system that often fails to recognise their rights. Human trafficking continues to ravage our communities. Asylum seekers are being turned away against our values of hospitality and protection. Family separation is an ongoing crisis, with many unable to leave unsafe situations and join their children, grandparents and spouses in Canada. Surely our immigration system can be more compassionate. 

I have long opposed the exploitation of vulnerable migrant workers. We need to increase funding for our backlogged immigration system and for integration programs, such as language training. Canada needs to withdraw from the Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States. People are fleeing the U.S. precisely because they do not feel safe. I will always stand up for migrants and their rights to a fair assessment process.”