Tabling a Private Members’ Bill is not the time to make a partisan speech

When Andrew Scheer introduced a private members bill to greater restrict the power of federal ministers to allow the release of untreated sewage, he used it as a platform for a long, very partisan speech, attacking the carbon tax, attacking the Liberals’ record on the environment. Introducing PMBs is, under our rules, a brief summary of the bill, and not a platform for a speech. Elizabeth joined in the objections, slamming both Liberals and Conservatives for their environmental records.

Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands)
2021-02-18 10:18 [p.4211]

Mr. Speaker, I rise with some trepidation to support the point of order just made by the hon. member for Winnipeg North.

The former leader of the official opposition knows full well what he is doing. As a former speaker of the House, he must know this is a violation of our rules. By the way, I agree with him entirely about the terrible record of the current Liberal government. It is not as bad as that of the former Conservative government, but the introduction of a private member’s bill is not a time to deliver a partisan speech.