Teachers Day Statement

The Green Party of Canada is proud to recognize the teaching profession today.  We know that in classrooms across this country from kindergarten to the university doctorate level there are trained mentors passing on their wisdom to Canadians of all ages.  These heroes in our society are often unsung – and too-often undervalued and even under attack.  The very foundation of what makes Canada great – our decency and values – are priceless, and those who are the guardians of these qualities must be respected and treated fairly.

The Green Party advocates changes that would enhance both teaching and learning.  We have called for a universal, child-care program for pre-schoolers.  We also have policies relating to the growing number of youths dropping out of school with no job prospects.  And, while education is a provincial matter, we believe the federal government should provide funding to increase the number of spaces at post-secondary institutions along with needs-based scholarships and bursaries to reduce financial barriers for potential students.  (Too many of our young graduates are facing terrible debt.)  We also support lifelong-learning programs.

Canada is transitioning into an information-based society – and, if the majority of Canadians have their way, a green economy.  These require research, creativity, and innovation.  They also depend on well-trained and respected teachers.  The Green Party thanks and salutes our teachers!