The Environment

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, so far in question period we have been treated to a climate change shell game. It has not gotten to the truth of the matter.

President Obama has taken meaningful action, with a comprehensive plan that will allow the United States to meet its Copenhagen targets by 2020. Our nation, with the same target, chosen by the Prime Minister, is going to completely, 100%, miss the Copenhagen target. Even using Hudak-style new math, the 150% answer we just heard from the Prime Minister does not wash.

When will we see a comprehensive, economy-wide plan that actually reaches the Copenhagen target?

Right Hon. Stephen Harper: Mr. Speaker, once again, I go back to the facts. We obviously welcome President Obama’s announcement today. He announced specific measures to reduce GHG emissions in the electricity sector and to reduce those by 30% by 2030.

This government, two years ago, began implementing its regulations that will reduce our emissions in that sector by 46% by 2030. We already, even before beginning, had an electricity sector that was cleaner than that in the United States.

If the member is so impressed with the actions of the Obama administration, I am sure she is also impressed by the actions of this government.