The Environment

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I asked the Prime Minister, in question period last week, in relation to the recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, whether given the evidence from Environment Canada that there is no chance, given current policies, whether the government will do other than have a 100% fail rate on the target the Prime Minister himself pledged to in 2009.

Is this administration, under the Prime Minister, committed to the pledge he made in Copenhagen?

Colin Carrie: Mr. Speaker, our sector-by-sector regulatory approach is working. It is part of our government’s commitment to protecting the environment while keeping the Canadian economy strong.

Thanks to our actions, carbon emissions will go down by close to 130 megatonnes from what they would have been under the Liberals. This is equivalent to shutting down 37 coal-fired electricity generation plants, and we are accomplishing this without the Liberal and NDP’s $20 billion job-killing carbon tax, which would raise the price of everything.