Week in Review 06/06-10

In a statement this week, Mike marked the tragic anniversary of an Islamophobic attack in London, Ontario. On June 6th, 2021, three generations of a Muslim family were struck and killed by a vehicle while out for a walk.

“We must all recognize that white supremacy kills. Islamophobia kills…but words are not enough,” said Mike. “All levels of government must act more quickly to eradicate Islamophobia and ensure this never happens again.”

In Adjournment Proceedings, Elizabeth reminded the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment that “Small Modular Reactors” will not be part of any solution to the climate crisis. “They are untested and essentially experimental,” she said, calling them “radioactive snake oil.

Question Period

Elizabeth marked World Ocean’s Day with her question this week. “Our oceans are in distress,” she said. Fossil fuel projects approved by the government like the TMX Pipeline and Baie du Nord add to the list of threats to the health of our oceans and the possibility of a livable future.

In his question on Thursday, Mike focused on the housing crisis. In downtown Kitchener, 53 people are living in tents on public property. Mike asked the Minister what he would say to those unhoused people if he were to visit the encampment.

Key Moments

Elizabeth May: “Small Modular Reactors” are not part of a solution to the climate crisis

Elizabeth May: On World Ocean’s Day, net zero by 2050 is not a goal; it’s an epitaph

Mike Morrice’s statement on the anniversary of Islamophobic attack in London, Ontario

Mike Morrice: The budget is lacking support for climate, long-term care and mental health

Elizabeth May: We need to stop freighters treating the Salish Sea as a free parking lot

Mike Morrice: Waterloo region needs targeted funding for housing, mental health and addictions


e-3847 Decontaminate the G&R Recycling facility in Kanesatake (closes June 17)

e-4028 Stop old-growth logging (closes July 19)

e-3990 Victims’ rights (closes July 19)

e-3999 Public nudity (closes 8 September)

e-4006 Gender parity in the House of Commons (closes September 17)

e-4025 Decriminalize drugs in Canada (closes September  17)

e-4033 Ban Fracking (closes September 22)

e-4029 Ban single-use plastics (closes September 22)