Week in Review 09/26 – 30

This week began with an Emergency Debate on hurricane Fiona which ripped through Canada’s east coast, destroying communities in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia over the weekend.During Elizabeth’s speech in the Emergency debate, she emphasized that time and time again, as in Lytton, in Southern BC and now on the East Coast, Canadian communities are resilient, and they come together in the wake of climate disasters.She also explained that as the oceans warm at an alarming rate (seven Hiroshima bombs every second), due to global warming, Canadas coasts are becoming more vulnerable to violent storms. In the past, the cold water surrounding Nova Scotia would diffuse storms. This is no longer the case.Elizabeth also dedicated her monthly 60-second statement to the victims of Fiona, linking it to the climate disasters in BC. She stated that this horrible event must reaffirm our commitment to fighting against the climate crisis.On Wednesday, Mike proposed a Unanimous Consent motion to send Bill C-22 through Second Reading straight into committee. Fast tracking this legislation, which has already been previously presented to the House, is incredibly important to persons living with disabilities in Canada. Unfortunately, the motion was denied by some Conservative MPs. Mike will continue fighting to bring back debate on this bill as soon as possible.On Friday, Elizabeth and Mike observed the second National Day for Truth and Reconciliation from their ridings. Elizabeth participated in the Xe xe Smun’ eem – Every Child Matters ceremony at Centennial Square on Songhees and Esquimalt territory (Victoria), while Mike attended events on Block 2 of the Haldimand Track, including the Every Child Matters Walk hosted by The Healing of the Seven Generations, and the Honouring the Children Sacred Fire hosted by Crow Shield Lodge.

Key Moments