Week in Review 11/21 – 25

This week, Elizabeth stepped back into her role as Leader of the Green Party of Canada after the leadership results were announced over the weekend. Congratulations to Elizabeth and deputy-leader Jonathan Pedneault!

Mike returned from COP27 in Egypt to tell the government that Canada’s climate plan is no plan at all without a commitment to phase out oil and gas while providing for industry workers.

During Adjournment Proceedings on Monday, Elizabeth and Mike gave the last two speeches of the night, back to back. Mike advocated for ending fossil fuel subsidies and applying a windfall tax to the oil and gas sector, while Elizabeth warned that the government’s climate targets are “too little too late.


Elizabeth put forward fourteen amendments on Bill C-21, the federal firearms legislation now being considered in committee. Due to creative filibustering from the Conservatives, progress in the committee will be delayed at length, and Elizabeth’s amendments may not be considered for weeks.

Late last week in the Indigenous Affairs committee clause by clause review of Bill C-29, Elizabeth had a big win. The bill creates an Indigenous Reconciliation Council as demanded in the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. At First Reading, C-29 omitted much of what the TRC called for. With passage of a key Green Party amendment, the minister will be required to submit all the information as set out in the TRC. Greens will support C-29 when it moves back to the House.

Climate Adaptation Plan

After QP on Thursday, Elizabeth, Mike and Jonathan responded to the government’s Climate Adaptation Plan. They noted that, after waiting years, the plan is still not finalized. It remains the subject of continued federal, territorial, and provincial negotiation. Consultation with Indigenous peoples remains on-going.

“Overall, this plan represents progress. The goal of eliminating deaths due to the climate crisis is a good one, but the plan does not yet set in place the elements that guarantee we can save the lives of Canadians experiencing fires, floods, storm surges, hurricanes, derecho storms, tornadoes, heat domes and other extreme weather events.”

You can watch their response here.

Question Period

Mike Morrice: A credible climate plan includes phasing out oil and gas while supporting workers

Elizabeth May: Fix the problems in the Port of Vancouver and remove freighters from the Salish Sea

Key Moments

Mike Morrice: End fossil fuel subsidies and apply a windfall tax on record profits in the industry

Elizabeth May: The government’s targets are too little too late

Elizabeth May: CBSA needs more accountability

Elizabeth May wishes Ret’d Commander Peter Chance a Happy 102nd Birthday!

In the media

Mike Morrice – COP27: A Deeply Flawed Process, but it‘s All We‘ve Got

Opposition MPs react to climate adaptation strategy – November 24, 2022 [3:59]