Week in Review: March 21 – 25

This week began with an announcement of a historical agreement between the Liberals and NDP that would see the minority parliament through to 2025.

Interim Leader Dr. Amita Kuttner, Elizabeth and Mike held a press conference on Tuesday to react to the news. Though they commended the government for their willingness to cooperate with other parties, Dr. Kuttner called the agreement a disappointment. It does not mention Guaranteed Livable Income or electoral reform. It also lacks action on the opioid crisis, and meaningful climate action.

In case you missed it, on Tuesday last week, MPs were called back to Parliament to hear an address from the President Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Elizabeth delivered a moving response to the President’s address, calling on the government to do more to help Ukraine.

Question Period

In Question Period on Monday, Mike warned the government that VIA Rail is on the verge of being privatized.

In Adjournment Proceedings, Tuesday evening, Mike called on the government to fast track the development of a Canada Disability Benefit.

In a statement on Thursday, Mike shared a hometown success in the House – a local organization taking a modern approach to domestic violence prevention and education that is reaching people throughout North America – the She is Your Neighbour podcast.

Later that day in Question Period, rather than fall for the misleading calls for new pipelines, Elizabeth pointed out that experts at the International Energy Agency call to cut oil consumption to help Ukraine. She encouraged the government to implement the IEA’s 10-point plan to cut oil use.

In case you missed it

Elizabeth May responds to President Zelenskyy’s address to the Canadian Parliament

Key Moments

Mike Morrice: VIA rail is on the verge of being privatized

Elizabeth May: Canada is being marketed abroad as a “secrecy jurisdiction” for housing speculation

Mike Morrice: The government must fast-track work on a Canada disability benefit

Elizabeth May: Agreement between Greens and NDP in BC was more detailed and robust

Elizabeth May: Will Canada join the IEA‘s 10-Point plan to cut oil use?

Mike Morrice invites all Canadians to listen to the She Is Your Neighbour podcast

Press Conferences

Green Interim Leader on Latest UN Climate Change Report – March 1, 2022

In the news

Elizabeth May – What Does the Liberal-NDP Deal Mean for Canada? (Policy Magazine)