Week in Review: May 16 – 20

On Tuesday, the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Intersexism, and Biphobia, Interim Leader of the Green Party, Dr. Amita Kuttner, held a press conference. Elizabeth and Mike attended in solidarity. In the context of rising anti-trans hate globally and in Canada, Dr. Kuttner called for an anti-hate strategy to protect trans people. “It is important to recognize anti-trans hate as a particular form of hatred,” they said.

This week in the Justice Committee, Elizabeth and Mike defended their amendments to Bill C-5, to repeal certain mandatory minimum sentences within the Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. There is no evidence that mandatory minimums work. On top of being expensive and inefficient, the evidence shows that mandatory minimum sentences do not deter people from committing crimes, and result in the disproportionate incarceration of people of colour and Indigenous peoples. Elizabeth and Mike proposed more than forty amendments, seeking to abolish as many mandatory minimum sentences as possible.

Question Period

In Question Period, Mike reminded the Liberal government that during the 2015 election campaign, Justin Trudeau promised Canadians almost two thousand times that he would make every vote count by getting rid of the “First Past the Post” voting system. With that promise on the cutting-room floor, Mike asked the government if it would support a Citizen’s Assembly on electoral reform.

In Thursday’s QP, Elizabeth pointed out that, while the government claims to have an “unwavering” commitment to end nuclear weapons, Canada has still not signed the Treaty to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Key Moments

Press Conferences