What is the government doing to help Canadian citizens in Hong Kong return home?

Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands)
2020-06-04 13:59

Thank you, Chair.

Through you to the Prime Minister, there is a pattern in history of leaders sometimes using a crisis that absorbs people’s attention to do things they otherwise might not do for fear of global condemnation, such as in a pandemic. We see President Bolsonaro of Brazil turning more brutality against indigenous people in the Amazon.

My questions focus on the People’s Republic of China, which I think is doing the same thing, and on Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel.

To the question of China, we now see the People’s Republic of China cracking down in Hong Kong in ways that violate the commitment to one country, two systems.

What will the Government of Canada do to help Canadian citizens, even if they are dual citizens of the People’s Republic, to get home to Canada?

Hon. François-Philippe Champagne (Saint-Maurice—Champlain)
2020-06-04 14:00

Mr. Chair, we know that the one country, two systems concept is what has been underpinning the liberty and freedom enjoyed by the people in Hong Kong. We are very deeply concerned by the imposition, unilaterally by Beijing, of a national security law that would undermine that very foundation.

Mr. Chair, we’re working with allies to look at the implications that this imposition would have on the various arrangements and agreements we have in place with Hong Kong.