What’s Happening to Freedom in Canada? Media Control, Ethical Oil?

Publication Source: Cornwall Free News
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Author: Richard Komorowski

Canadians, who for the most part have never lived under any kind of totalitarian regime, tend to be complacent. Press censorship happens in places like Uganda or Iran. It could never happen here – for one thing, we have a charter of rights, which would prevent such an unthinkable idea. During the 2011 general election, the media (with the probable exception of the CBC) refused to allow Elizabeth May, of the Green Party, to be part of the televised leaders’ debates. This worked well for Harper, as he fears Elizabeth May more than any other leader – certainly more than Michael Ignatieff, and even more than Jack Layton. He, and other Conservative big shots, put in a tremendous effort to try to prevent Elizabeth May’s election. A truly free and independent media would have refused Harper’s demand. If one were to examine the relationship between Levant and the Harper Government, Sun Media, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Enbridge, Trans Canada Pipelines and Big Oil in general, one finds one massive echo chamber, with everyone repeating and endorsing everyone else.

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