Will Canada show leadership on banning plastics before the G7?

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, I appreciated hearing the Prime Minister in the U.K. at the commonwealth summit giving a hint of what the leadership of Canada will look like in the G7 on climate, and also approaching the huge issue of ocean plastic pollution. There are eight million tonnes of plastics entering our oceans every single year. England, Scotland, and Taiwan have already taken action to ban single-service plastic items. Can Canada follow suit to show leadership before the G7?

Justin TrudeauPrime Minister, Lib.):

Mr. Speaker, preventing plastics pollution is a pressing global issue that requires action at all levels of government, industry, and the public. We are pleased that we are taking it forward as one of our issues as leaders of the G7 this year.

We are already taking action on marine plastics. We have legislation and regulations in place to prevent pollution and protect habitat. Last year, we were among the first countries to phase out microbeads in toiletries. We invest in waste and waste water infrastructure and research. We support national conservation initiatives like the great Canadian shoreline cleanup. We continue to work with provinces, territories, municipalities, industry, civil society, and consumers.