Will the Prime Minister reduce emissions with urgency?

Elizabeth May

Mr. Speaker, among Arnold Chan’s last words to the House were these:

It is imperative that we stop treating climate change as solely an environmental issue but recognize it as an all-encompassing priority that we as a society and a government must confront with the utmost urgency.

The Environment Commissioner’s report yesterday made transparent what most of us know, that we are not there, that we are not acting with urgency, that we are not acting.

Will the Prime Minister use this occasion to commit to a reset to actually reduce emissions with urgency?

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister
Mr. Speaker, I congratulate the member opposite for her many years of advocacy and for being a staunch defender of the environment and of our future.

A year ago this week I stood in the House of Commons and announced for the first time in Canada a national price on carbon pollution that would go from coast to coast to coast. This is the kind of leadership that we never saw from a previous government. There is a lot more to do.

We continue to work diligently on protecting the environment and growing the economy together in ways that will benefit future generations.