4.11.5 Anti-terrorism and border security

A fundamental obligation of government is the protection of public safety. The Green Party is wholly committed to ensuring the security of all Canadians, and we will remain vigilant in our opposition to those who would threaten the safety of our communities. However, we agree with the majority of Canadians that true security within a democratic society will be gained from good governance and fair procedures that are administered according to the rule of law.

The Green Party views terrorism as an especially dangerous criminal offence and an aggressive, illegitimate political act. We believe that a responsible government will work diligently to track down and successfully prosecute these criminals as well as prevent terrorist acts by addressing the root causes of the crime. The focus must be peaceful assistance to local and international organizations working to resolve conflict, to protect local culture and sustainable practices, and to engage in the building of strong democratic institutions.

The safety of Canadians depends upon the effectiveness of our counter-terrorism and security laws. The Green Party is committed to ensuring our intelligence and law-enforcement agencies have adequate resources and the political leadership to deal effectively with these criminals.

The Green Party seeks security procedures that provide rigorous standards of procedural fairness and allow meaningful defences for all detainees. A responsible government cannot sacrifice human rights in the name of security or we will actually be opening the door for greater injustice and insecurity. Canada’s security policies must be consistent with the values of the democratic society we seek to protect, or else they will undermine those very values.

We also recognize that hundreds of people arrive every year in Canada illegally through the work of criminal organizations. Women and girls are trafficked into Canada and forced into prostitution in our cities. Although steps have been taken in recent years to combat this growing problem, more needs to be done. We must send clear signals that human trafficking will not be tolerated. We must provide sufficient resources to law enforcement agents and ensure we have more success in discovering, arresting, and prosecuting those who commit these terrible crimes.

Green Party MPs will:

  • Introduce a Comprehensive Security Plan that will provide coordinated direction to the RCMP, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the Canada Border Services Agency, the Coast Guard, and Foreign Affair and International Trade Canada. Effective security measures must be coordinated among departments and agencies through integrated enforcement agencies;
  • Provide CSIS, RCMP, and the Canada Border Services Agency with sufficient resources to conduct effective operations involving the gathering of intelligence, and the detention and prosecution of those who threaten our security;
  • Ensure that individuals held under security certificates are given access to legal assistance and the right to trial within a reasonable period of time. In addition, this detention under security certificates must be subject to prompt and fair review by an independent and impartial court;
  • Ensure that all detainees are treated with respect for their human rights and not subjected to any kind of torture, either physical or mental, for any reason;
  • Support the strengthening of regulations governing the practices of immigration consultants and provide adequate resources for their enforcement;
  • Provide support for the gathering of reliable police data to gain a clear picture of human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of immigrant women in Canada;
  • Increase penalties in the Criminal Code for those convicted of human smuggling;
  • Enact legislation to allow victims of terrorist acts to pursue compensation through the courts, tracking down the financial assets of the responsible organizations;
  • Develop effective programs to prevent the ‘radicalization’ of Canadian youth, identifying those drawn to extremist movements and engaging clerics and communities where terrorist networks have been known to recruit. Part of these solutions will include better employment programs for Canadian youth;
  • Sign and ratify the Arms Control Treaty to stem the flow of conventional weapons to terrorist organizations.