6.10 Restoring public confidence in the RCMP

It is a fundamental principle of a free and democratic state that its police must be exemplary and above reproach.

The Green Party supports RCMP officers across Canada. The Green Party supports a professional Royal Canadian Mounted Police force that not only has the highest conduct standards, but also commands the respect of all Canadians.

Green Party MPs will:

  • Pass legislation that establishes an independent body to investigate complaints regarding the conduct of RCMP officers with full judicial inquiry powers and the requirement to report its finding publicly;
  • Provide more funding to the RCMP, specifically to give more training to new recruits;
  • Ensure RCMP in the line of duty are provided with the best technology in protective equipment and are always supported with adequate back-up in dangerous encounters with violent offenders;
  • Create a Board of Management to monitor and advise with respect to the RCMP’s organizational, administrative, and financial accountability. This Board would oversee the RCMP’s operations in strategic planning and implementation, budget planning and financial management, human resources management, risk management, communications, and organizational performance management;
  • Provide guidance to the RCMP in cultivating a promotion system that is based upon performance, skill, and ability. The morale and discipline of the force depend upon clear and transparent guidelines for the personal advancement of officers;
  • Work in cooperation with the provinces and territories to establish the RCMP as a truly national police force re-focused upon the enforcement of federal laws;
  • Ensure the RCMP has the freedom and independence to conduct investigations into government officials, bureaucrats, and corporate executives, without interference from politicians.