6.4 Making government a leader in ethical purchasing

The federal government is the largest customer for a wide range of goods and services in Canada. Our government should ensure it gets the best value for every dollar spent, but that means considering criteria that are essential to developing a just and sustainable society.

The Green Party believes that the federal government should set an example in its purchasing policies, ensuring that its expenditures support a strong Canadian economy, good labour practices, and environmental protection.

Green Party MPs will:

  • Require that government purchase Canadian-made products and services wherever possible and, if imports are necessary, procure certified fair-trade goods (produced with responsible labour and environmental practices) wherever possible;

  • Require that all government departments and agencies incorporate a ‘triple bottom line’ (social, economic, and environmental cost/benefit) analysis in purchasing goods and services and assessing their operations and programs;

  • Require that all government departments and agencies meet the highest environmental standards including full recycling, purchase and use of small energy-efficient vehicles, and energy-efficient and toxic-free buildings with toxic-free grounds maintenance;

  • Ensure transparency in purchasing decisions by making that information available for public oversight.