6.5 Allowing charitable societies to advocate for change

Charities across Canada have increasingly faced politically inspired, ideologically based repetitive audits and harassment. In 2012, the Harper budget increased the Canada Revenue Agency’s budget by $8 million specifically to pursue charities with a focus on environmental protection. It has since been increased to $13 million. Some environmental groups have had repeated audits without ever being given a report. This limbo state leaves them insecure and silenced in the face of the most devastating attacks on environmental laws and policies in Canada’s history. A similar ‘chill’ has hit charitable organizations working to end poverty in Canada and abroad, as well as for groups advocating for human rights. As evidence that this assault is ideological, the charitable status of the Fraser Institute has not been questioned.

Green Party MPs will:

  • Promote revising and updating the laws relating to charitable NGOs, so that NGOs can participate in advocacy and be able to retain their charitable status and their ability to accept tax deductible donations.