Bill C-442: A National Lyme Disease Strategy

Lyme DiseaseBecause of a warming climate, the range for the black legged tick that carries Lyme disease is expanding. A number of individuals in Saanich-Gulf Islands suffer from this debilitating disease. However, this tick knows no geographic boundaries, and new cases are being found across the country. Thousands are afflicted by what’s rapidly becoming a national threat.

At a time when many US States have tackled this urgent issue head on, it is ironic that Canada still downplays Lyme disease and clings to outdated standards for diagnosis and care. We need to get ahead of the curve, and help scientists who are endeavouring to create enhanced surveillance tools, such as risk maps. A national strategy, as articulated in my Private Members’ Bill, could support this work and ensure that people can be vigilant in areas where the tick is becoming established.

The public and the medical community need to be educated as to increasing incidence and range of this disease. If doctors know that the local risk has increased, they can help with early diagnosis and prevention. We need to supplement the efforts made by groups like the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation.

To learn more about my efforts against Lyme disease, I encourage you to visit my MP website, with press releases, videos, speeches, and personal stories.