Budget Sounds Like Mumbo-Jumbo? We’re Here to Help

Publication Source: HuffPost Canada
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Author: Angelina Chapin

“This budget continues the Harper Conservatives’ assault on the environment in more ways than one: Environment Canada, Parks Canada, and Fisheries and Oceans are all facing cuts (six per cent, four per cent, and four per cent respectively). The Harper Conservatives have followed through on threats to erode environmental protection and grease the wheels for greater fossil fuel development. First, it gagged the scientists; now it is killing the advisory institute — the National Round Table on Environment and Economy — and it has sent a warning shot to silence anti-government conservation groups. Without measurements, science, or critics who can speak without fear, Harper’s agenda heads towards steam-rolling massive fossil fuel expansion.

The cuts to seniors, veterans, cultural institutions, and overseas development assistance are all deeply disturbing. Earlier this week, Greens identified areas of waste equal to those areas chosen for cuts in this budget. The Prime Minister had a choice where to cut and where to invest. He made the wrong choices.

Greens are incensed by this government’s callous disregard for the things that matter most to Canadians.”

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