Canadian system needs better representation

Publication Source: Times Colonist
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Author: Bert MacBain

Re: “When governments lie, how do we respond?” April 13.

Thanks to the writer for clearly setting out one of the most recent outrages by the Harper government. His question is one many citizens have asked many times over the last year.

With this government, the trashing of our democracy is really cause for despair. Stephen Harper does not seem to respond to anything citizens say or do to show lack of support for his policies. The only response I can see is to work as hard as we can to bring about a system of proportional representation.

Under the current electoral system, Harper can be re-elected with 40 per cent of the vote, while the progressive parties remain divided.

Makes one wish that the NDP had chosen Nathan Cullen as leader. It was his expressed view that we won’t recognize our country if we have a second term with Harper. To prevent another Harper government, we would need co-operation between the more progressive parties to pick one candidate to represent them.

I guess more ridings will have to do what we did in Saanich-Gulf Islands when so many of us crossed party lines to work for Elizabeth May.

Bert MacBain
Brentwood Bay

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