Cape Breton Caucus

Mr. Rodger Cuzner: Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order. During the course of question period, while I sat here quietly waiting for a response to a question that I posed for the Minister of Labour, for which obviously I did not get an answer, she made reference to being heckled from this corner of the chamber and in particular from this member. I can assure you, and you have access to the transcript in the Hansard, that there was no such noise that came out of this corner or this member. I think the minister would want to stand and correct that.

On another aspect, she did reference the fact that the constituents of Cape Breton expected a great deal from their members. I would agree with her, and that is why there are two Liberals back in the chamber.

The Speaker: That is not a point of order.

Mr. Tom Lukiwski: Mr. Speaker, on a related point of order, I am glad my colleague for Cape Breton—Canso stood and made reference to his question. In his question to the Minister of Labour earlier today, the preamble seemed to suggest that the minister was guilty of criminal conduct.

I know the member for Cape Breton—Canso and I know him to be a person of good character. I am sure he would want to do the right thing, the parliamentary thing, and stand up, withdraw his remarks unreservedly and apologize to the minster. Failing that, I would ask you, Mr. Speaker, to review the comments made earlier in his preamble, judge accordingly and rule accordingly.

Ms. Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I agree with you. This is not a proper point of order. However, I have something in common with the Minister of Labour and the member for Cape Breton—Canso. We all share Cape Breton roots.

As neither of them is a member of my party, and as both of them are people I hold in high regard, I would like the Minister of Labour to know that the hon. member for Cape Breton—Canso, unless this jokester has learned how to project his voice as a ventriloquist, was as quiet as the grave as he awaited the minister’s answer.

The Speaker: I appreciate the interventions from the Cape Breton caucus, but I think we will move on.