CAPP Principles Can’t Greenwash Fracking Problems

The new voluntary principles for fracking released by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) will make no difference, according to Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May.  The MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands commented, “These principles are vague and lack specifics.  They are more of a public relations exercise than any real attempt to protect the environment.”

CAPP released the principles for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to their members as voluntary guiding ideas for water management and reporting practices.  “No guidelines can prevent the damage from fracking.  There is no reason to allow this destructive practice,” said May.

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is a process to release natural gas by pumping water, sand and other chemicals at high pressure deep into the ground to crack the rock.  Drilling sites have been plagued with severe chemical contaminations of surrounding air and water. Often, natural cracks in the rock allow contamination of aquifers and the list of chemicals that have been detected include a frightening mix of carcinogens and toxins such as benzene xylene, carbon disulfide, naphthalene and pyridines.

“Fracking has so many problems associated with it that it simply needs to stop.  The widespread contamination of water and soil, the massive amount of water needed and the lack of scientific understanding of the impacts, including the links to earthquakes—the practice is unsustainable to the core,” said May.