Climate Change

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I wonder if the hon. Prime Minister recalls being present when the former prime minister, Brian Mulroney, cited, as the scientific consensus on climate change, that:

…humanity is conducting an unintended, uncontrolled, globally pervasive experiment whose ultimate consequences could be second only to a global nuclear war.

The Minister of the Environment said that Kyoto is in the past.


I would ask the Prime Minister not to leave Canadian leadership in the past and show one fraction of the commitment of the former prime minister, Brian Mulroney, to address this crisis.

Michelle Rempel: Mr. Speaker, one thing is for sure. We do need to have leadership in the economy , and that is what this government stands for. We balance the economy with environmental protection. That balance is achievable and we have a plan to achieve that.

That is why Canada has a very strong action plan that is focused on reducing our emissions by 17% of 2005 levels by 2020. That is real leadership.