Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-11)

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I ask my hon. friend from Lethbridge if he would like to reconsider his answer. Anything that is ordinarily legal and a person has a right to have it, that right to have that information under the copyright legislation is in fact a right of the consumer. If someone wrongfully imposes a digital lock, that does not take away that right, but that seemed to be his answer.

Jim Hillyer: Mr. Speaker, it is very simple. I use an online service that provides audio books in a format other than MP3, but I use it because I think it is convenient, even though I cannot put it on my BlackBerry. I do not use another service that puts music in a format that is not MP3 simply because I do not like how restrictive it is. I use another service to get the very same music that I am looking for. No one is required to buy a digitally locked program.

Yes, it is against the law if the terms of the contract state that when purchasers buy it they cannot break the lock.