CPAC “Electoral Reboot” Information Site

CPAC has just launched Electoral Reboot: Changing the Vote, a special section of the website exploring the issue of electoral reform.  The new section serves as a gateway for the national discussion on Canada’s voting system and the work of the Special Committee on Electoral Reform.

The new section is full of valuable information to help you  get a better grasp on voting reform in Canada, including:

  • A historical on the electoral reform debate and how we got to this point;
  • Backgrounders on the current voting system and some possible alternatives;
  • More on the Special Committee, its mandate and its meetings;
  • Tonnes of video from the hearings held to date, plus other key videos;
  • Information on the politics and process of a possible referendum and previous provincial experiences;
  • Access to more detailed research and reports on electoral reform.

You can visit to learn more.