Update on Electoral Reform

For the first time in Canadian history, a Parliamentary committee recommended that the government take concrete steps to move away from the archaic First Past the Post voting system and toward a proportional system of electing Members of Parliament and the Government

The report, an unprecedented document that compiles the best public and academic evidence available, will be an important milestone for reform. It confirms that the overwhelming majority of those who testified to the Committee favoured proportionality. Further, it tasks the government with designing an electoral system according to specified guidelines which will achieve acceptable levels of proportionality. By 2019, in the words of the Liberal Speech from the Throne, ‘every vote will count.’

Click here to watch the press conference held by the committee upon the release of the report.

Click here to read the full text of the report.

Unfortunately, following the tabling of the ERRE report, the Minister of Democratic Institutions responded, rather appallingly, that the Committee had taken “a pass” on the task assigned to them. She has since apologized and Elizabeth has accepted her apology.  However, it remains disappointing that the on-line survey  (MyDemocracy.ca) fails to build on the committee’s work. Instead, it appears to ignore the work.

Despite these unfortunate missteps, Elizabeth believes the Minister and Prime Minister must be held to the promise in the Speech from the Throne – to make 2015 the last election under First Past the Post and to make every vote count. As the Committee’s report lays out in detail, there is a clear path toward reforming our electoral system by 2019.

If you are looking to further the cause of electoral reform, you are urged to get involved. Write a letter to the editor demanding the government keep its promise and write you the Prime Minister and Minister of Democratic Institutions. Go to MyDemocracy.ca and fill out the survey, but let your opinion be known by following up with the Prime Minister and Minister Monsef telling them you want a proportional Parliament (a question unasked in their survey). Take part in education campaigns that discuss reform with neighbours and friends.

Elizabeth is going to keep fighting for a fair voting system, and hopes you will too.

**ATTENTION** Special Webinar on Electoral Reform with Elizabeth May and Nathan Cullen

What: A free webinar featuring Elizabeth May, M.P. and Leader of the Green Party of Canada, and Nathan Cullen, M.P. and NDP Critic for Democratic Reform

Join the Broadbent Institute for this special opportunity to learn more about the Canada-wide ERRE consultation, the evidence presented and the committee’s findings.

After a recommendation for a proportional system with local representation, Cullen and May will map out how the government can move forward before the next federal election and make good on its promise to make every vote count.

When: Tuesday December 20th, 2016, 12:00PM-1:00PM EST
Where: Online webinar, register online.