Elizabeth May celebrates Canada’s commitment to rejoin UN Convention to Combat Desertification

(OTTAWA) June 17, 2016 – Elizabeth May released the following statement on World Day to Combat Desertification:

“I’m proud that the government intends to rejoin the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands). “I held the previous government to account when they removed Canada from the treaty, and I have pushed for the current government to take action. I applaud them for doing so today.”

On June 7, Ms. May asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during Question Period about rejoining the treaty, and noted drought is an increasing threat in Canada.

“According to the United Nations, we are losing around 12 million hectares each year to degradation processes. That means less food and water security, and fewer places where the earth can sustain life,” Ms. May said.

“By committing to rejoin the UN Convention, we will again have the ability to work collaboratively with our global partners to ensure sustainable development for generations to come.

“This year’s slogan, Protect Earth. Restore Land. Engage People. addresses the importance of comprehensive participation and cooperation in working towards achieving Land Degradation Neutrality.

“Canada’s return to respect on the world stage is promising. I will continue to urge the government to replace the weak climate targets of the Harper era and develop a national carbon pricing model that will meet our Paris Accord commitments in the coming months.”