Elizabeth May condemns PEI Liberals decision to ignore electoral reform results

(OTTAWA) November 23, 2016 – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands), strongly condemns the undemocratic decision by PEI Liberals to reject a motion to honour the results of a recent plebiscite on electoral reform.

PEI Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker’s Motion 54 – to honour the vote and implement Mixed Member Proportional Representation (MMPR) in time for the next election – was defeated by all 18 Liberal MLAs voting together as a block.

“I agree with Peter – this is a betrayal of democracy,” said Elizabeth May. “Not one Liberal MLA had the courage to vote independently and represent their constituents. PC MLAs voted freely to respect the wishes of their districts, but Premier MacLauchlan’s tragic error of judgment in rejecting the wishes of Prince Edward Islanders is another example of the central problem with First Past the Post – partisan control over democracy, despite the wishes of the people,” Ms. May said.

Liberal MLAs currently hold 100% of the power in the PEI Legislative Assembly, despite having received a minority of support in the last provincial election.