Elizabeth May in QP: Climate Targets

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I thank the Prime Minister for his leadership in Paris and for attending the upcoming Earth Day signing at the United Nations.

However, our current target does not reflect that leadership. Our current target does not meet the climate urgency and emergency situation we face. It is still the weakest target in the G7. It is still the target of the previous government. It is urgently required that we ratchet up our target.

Will the Prime Minister please reassure Canadians that we plan to put in place a tougher target and soon. That is leadership.

Right Hon. Justin Trudeau: Mr. Speaker, I thank the member opposite for her question and for her hard work on the environment, including with us in Paris.

When we talked about and actually got to an agreement, the talks were about increasing ambition of targets for countries like Canada and countries around the world as we move forward.

We are working with the provinces, municipalities, industry, business, and with individuals to make sure that we continue to build a strong economy while protecting the environment in a way that for 10 years the previous government was unable to do.