Joint Statement by Global Greens on Paris Agreement Signing Ceremony

(OTTAWA) April 22, 2016 – Green Parties around the world stand united in our commitment to addressing climate change and implementing the Paris Agreement with its undertaking to constrain global temperature increase to well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C.

We recognize that, in order to succeed, global emissions will need to reduce by 33% below current pledges by the year 2030 to achieve a 2°C world, and by 44% for a 1.5°C world, according to the UN Environment Programme.

We recognize that these targets must be translated into an ambitious reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within the remaining Global Carbon Budget as estimated by the IPCC.

We recognize that to have just a 50:50 chance of preventing a 2°C rise in global temperature 80% of global fossil reserves of coal, oil and gas must be left in the ground. This is why we strongly support the fossil fuel divestment movement and the call by Pacific Island nations in the Suva Declaration for “a new global dialogue on the implementation of an international moratorium on the development and expansion of fossil fuel extraction industries, particularly the construction of new coal mines, as an urgent step towards decarbonizing the global economy;”

Green parliamentarians around the world therefore undertake to introduce in the national Parliaments, in which we are represented, domestic legislation to give practical effect to the Paris Agreement.

Such action will be country-specific in each case and will be comprised of at least two parts.

  • First, an initiative to leave specific carbon reserves in the ground.
  • Second, an undertaking to phase out, or abolish, national fossil fuel subsidies.

State Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in signing the Paris Agreement must be held to the commitments they have made and must take national action consistent with restricting and discouraging fossil fuel extraction in order to live within the limited remaining global carbon budget.

The Global Green parties are committed to that end.