Elizabeth May QP: Signing of the Paris Agreement

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Prime Minister.

All of us in the House are proud of the progressive role Canada played in concluding the agreement in Paris last year. The Paris agreement will be open for signing at the United Nations headquarters this spring on Earth Day.

My question to the Prime Minister is twofold. Will he personally accept the invitation of the Secretary-General to be there to sign the agreement, and more importantly, will he bring with him Canada’s new, more robust target to meet the objectives of the agreement?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Mr. Speaker, I was pleased to be in Paris with premiers and so many Canadians to reach that extraordinary agreement. I am looking forward to meeting with the premiers on March 3 to further build on this framework.

In direct answer to the member’s question, Canada will be attending the signing ceremony in April in New York to move forward on this important landmark historic agreement out of Paris.