Elizabeth May visits Site C dam protest camp, offers support to hunger striker Kristin Henry in Vancouver, B.C.

(OTTAWA) – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (MP, Saanich – Gulf Islands), attended the Site C protest encampment outside BC Hydro’s corporate headquarters today to extend her support to Kristin Henry, who was taken to hospital last night on Day 19 of her hunger strike.

Ms. Henry, who began her hunger strike on March 13 and had been sleeping at the temporary encampment, was unable to attend Ms. May’s visit.

“Having been through the physical and emotional pressure of hunger strike myself, I’m very concerned for Kristin’s health,” Ms. May said. “However, I’m grateful to her for reminding us that it’s not too late to stop Site C. This destructive project is in clear violation of Treaty 8 First Nations rights. Further issuing of federal permits will continue to violate those treaty rights without serious and meaningful consultation with affected Nations by the Trudeau government.”

“In my first meeting with Transport Minister Marc Garneau last year, I asked for all permits issued for Site C be made public, after which we learned that many of those permits were issued in the middle of the election. I call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not to allow further approvals for Site C until he follows through on his promise to build meaningful Nation-to-Nation relationships. He can start now with his response to Site C’s treaty violations.”

Ms. May is particularly concerned for Ms. Henry’s well-being after going through a hunger strike herself in 2001.

“During a hunger strike, you feel physically very well and it’s easy to ignore your health as time goes on,” Ms. May said. “It becomes very personal, but it’s important to listen to the advice of your doctor. I’ll be praying for Kristin as she continues to champion this cause while taking care of herself.”