Good Sunday Morning – June 23

Good Sunday Morning!

And first a belated shout out to Fathers as last week’s letter landed on Father’s Day and I forgot to mention it! Although Cate and I did make a Father’s Day Eggs Benny brunch for the family crowd at last weekend’s cottage escape—four dads among those present. By Monday I was back in Parliament with a press conference with fellow Green MP Mike Morrice to mark the 5th anniversary of the Parliamentary vote that Canada is in a climate emergency.

It is obvious the government has not acted as though it accepted this motion, despite the fact former Environment Minister Catherine McKenna moved the motion. Since June 17, 2019 Canada bought and built a pipeline to boost oil sands production, while adding billions in subsidies to the fake climate “solution” of carbon capture and storage. Our emissions are still well above 1990 levels while European nations have cut deeply to be more than 40% below 1990 levels. Only over the last few years have Canada’s emissions reduced, and only very slightly. This small shift is due to carbon pricing. So while claims may appear to be competing, with Liberals claiming progress is being made to cut emissions and Greens pointing out Canada has the worst record in the G-7, both statements are true. What really matters is to set a carbon budget meeting the warnings of scientists to immediately slash emissions steeply and deeply. On that score we are far from on track. Liberal policies are conflicted and inadequate. Also true is that should Conservatives succeed in “axing the tax” our record, and our future, will be far worse.

No surprise the press conference quickly turned to questions about foreign interference. I have been strict in ensuring that I am not violating any security and/or intelligence concerns. My goal has been to educate Canadians that we are dealing with a serious threat in foreign governments attempting to interfere in our democracy, while making it clear no currently serving MPs have crossed a line in actually placing foreign governments’ interests above those of Canada. Our oath of loyalty and service is to Canada. (Security insiders from various intelligence agencies have helped me ensure I stay well away from any comments that could violate restrictions.)

I have also been strict in avoiding engaging with other leaders in any comments that could add any partisan fuel to the fire.

My goal is to create a non-partisan opportunity for MPs with top secret security clearance to meet in a secure location to develop a shared action plan to protect democracy from foreign interference. This link takes you to our press release with links to the letter sent to all such MPs as well as to party leaders who have not yet agreed to seek top secret clearance.

We also spoke of the June 13 final vote in the Senate passing my bill C-226 to confront environment racism and promote environmental justice. The last step in C226—becoming law happened on June 20—and just in time as Parliament adjourned on Wednesday—I just had time to yell out words I never thought I would say; “Go Oilers!” before my last petition until we resume in September! The Governor General has signed off and the bill has Royal Assent—the third piece of Green legislation to become law!

Following the press conference I caught the train to Toronto and worked over the next two days in the Green campaign in Toronto-St.Paul’s. Our candidate Christian Cullis and his team are working hard, despite the intense heat. We brought large water coolers to a neighbourhood park to provide water in the heat dome. The campaign office’s air-conditioned space has offered respite for anyone who wanted a break from the heat. The vote is tomorrow!

Meanwhile, due to that by-election our planned special general meeting on co-leadership has been postponed to the fall (no date as of yet). In order to ensure members have an opportunity to express their views, a special vote will be held over the next two weeks. PLEASE watch your inbox to participate in this critical straw poll. The language on the ballot was developed through a consensus process. Read your ballot carefully. You will be asked what you oppose, but not asked to say what you support. Answering this ballot question is so important as we continue to work out details. This is a member-driven process.

To learn more, if you missed the fascinating member engagement sessions, watch the first two webinars with Green Party leaders which took place in May. (links here)

Caroline Lucas, former MP, Leader and Co-Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales
(Passcode: %DQF$0bC)

Lorna Slater, MP, Co-Leader of the Scottish Greens and Liliane Pollmann, German Young Green
(Passcode: 17?fv7WX)

I am off to New Brunswick today, flying to Montreal and then by train to campaign for our New Brunswick Greens! Back on Vancouver Island by the 28th for events with BC Green leader Sonia Furstenau, and then (I promise!) the very last chance to help me celebrate my 70th birthday!

This event is to celebrate a couple of birthdays, my 70th, and Canada’s 157th!

WHAT: Afternoon garden party
WHEN: 2:00 pm – 4:30 PM, Saturday, June 29
WHERE: Beautiful century old Victoria home with exquisite gardens!
This is a fundraiser for the Green Party of Canada, so please bring your credit card or cheques book as you are able.


After you register, you will be sent the address of this beautiful venue.

All for now,
With love and thanks for all your messages of support!

Saanich-Gulf Islands Greens

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