Green Caucus Week in Review 10/05-09

Week in Review: October 5 – 9 (le français suit)

On Saturday, October 3rd, Annamie Paul became the new Leader of the Green Party of Canada, making history as the first black person and first Jewish woman to lead a federal political party. Annamie spoke at a physically distanced event at the Ottawa Art Gallery, attended by staff, media, candidates, and their support staff. She participated in two press conferences this week as the new Leader. She is running in the Toronto Centre by-election which concludes on October 26th.

In the House, debate continued on the Speech from the Throne, concluding with a vote late Tuesday. Green MPs voted against the Throne speech. Paul gave a speech in the Chamber explaining that it did not live up to the urgent action required to address this moment in history. Before the vote, Annamie and Elizabeth held a press conference explaining that Greens would vote against the Throne speech because it lacks an urgent plan to improve Canada’s long-term care system, there is no plan to begin discussion on a Guaranteed Livable Income, and it lacks tangible action to tackle the climate crisis.

MPs also continued debate on Bill C-3, which would make education in sexual assault law mandatory for judges. Paul and Jenica both spoke to support the bill, agreeing that much more needs to be done to keep women, especially Indigenous and racialized women, safe in Canada.

Elizabeth again reminded her colleagues that Canada must set a new climate target that is consistent with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change science this year. She clarified that the Liberals keep repeating that they will exceed the 2030 emissions reduction target, the target set by former prime minister Stephen Harper, even though that target will not allow Canada to make the necessary reductions. Paul gave a longer speech on the implementation of a wealth tax for Canada during Adjournment Proceedings, and also asked the government to ban fracking. Jenica reminded the government of the value of energy efficiency and asked how much they would invest in this road to a future of cleaner energy.

Paul has two upcoming Community Meetings. On October 14th he will discuss Economic Sustainability in the Island Region with George Hanson. On October 15th he will participate in a round table on Canada’s 19 billion warplane purchase. Visit his website for more details.

MPs are scheduled to resume sitting the week of October 19th. Happy Thanksgiving, stay safe, and thank you for reading the Green Caucus Week in Review.

MP Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada Annamie Paul, and MP Paul Manly in Ottawa

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