Green Caucus Week in Review: February 1 – 5

Week in Review: February 1 – 5 (le français suit)

On Monday, the Green Party of Canada called for an emergency debate on the spread of COVID-19 variants. On behalf of the Green Caucus, MP Paul Manly said, “we believe there is an urgent need to debate whether now is the time to shift gears from ‘bending a curve’ to ‘going to zero’ cases – or as close to zero as possible.” Unfortunately, the request was not granted.

While MPs debated the Standing Orders of the House of Commons, Elizabeth spoke up for decorum and decency among parliamentarians as crucial components of a healthy democracy.

In adjournment proceedings, Paul dove deeper into a debate on regulation in the housing market, and pressed the government to protect Canadians from prohibitive rent increases caused by distorted markets.

Marking the one-hundred year anniversary of the invention of insulin, Jenica called on the government to develop a National Framework to address the epidemic of diabetes in Canada.

Elizabeth noted that many of her fellow MPs have spoken negatively of the new Biden administration since the Keystone XL Pipeline was cancelled. She reminded them that Canada should be celebrating President Biden, since he is serious about taking action to address the climate crisis.

On Friday, she presented a petition with over 27 thousand signatures calling on the government to cancel the Grassy Mountain Coal Mine in Alberta.

On Saturday at 11:00 am PST, Elizabeth will participate in a panel discussion alongside Annamie Paul with the Green Party of England and Wales in support of their Co-Leaders’ bid for the London Mayoralship. Click here to register. On Sunday at 11:00 am PST, she will appear in FairVote Canada’s Global Assembly on Climate: What can we learn from electoral reform? Click here to register.

Parliament is scheduled to resume on Monday, February 15th. Until then, stay safe, and thank you for reading the Green Caucus Week in Review.

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