Green Party Welcomes the Year of the Snake

The Green Party of Canada wishes all a very happy Chinese New Year on February 10th.
“We are glad to welcome the Year of the Snake, when we can look forward to a year of wisdom, culture and creativity,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

“We are so lucky to have the wonderful heritage of Chinese Canadians that allows us to celebrate the New Year,” added May.

“As we celebrate the Year of the Snake, we can reflect on and be grateful for the great contributions the Chinese community has made in all of Canada,” concluded May.



来自于 Saanich-Gulf 岛的绿党国会议员 Elizabeth May 说:”很高兴能喜迎蛇年的来临,我们期盼新的一年能带给我们智慧、文化和创造力”。



(Simplified Chinese)



來自於 Saanich-Gulf 島的綠党國會議員 Elizabeth May 說:”很高興能喜迎蛇年的來臨,我們期盼新的一年能帶給我們智慧、文化和創造力”。



(HK Traditional Chinese)