Greens welcome new Deputy Leader

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, announced today the appointment of her caucus colleague and second Green member of Parliament, Bruce Hyer, (Thunder Bay—Superior North), as Deputy Leader. Having been an Independent MP since 2012, following election in 2008, Bruce Hyer became a Green MP on December 13 of last year.


Under the Green Party constitution, the Leader is empowered to appoint up to two Deputy Leaders. “As Leader of the Greens, I have no other unilateral decision making authority. We are a grass-roots party and the governance of the party is maintained through a democratically elected council of volunteers,” said May. “The opportunity to name a new Deputy Leader was created by the resignation of long-serving Deputy and current member of Vancouver City Council, Adriane Carr. I am very excited about the role Bruce Hyer will play in helping to build the party and to secure strong candidates across Canada.”

“I am honoured to accept the position of Deputy Leader. This new role will enhance my ability to raise the issues that are important to my constituents on the national stage,” said Bruce Hyer. “I am eager to use my post to give voice to the special concerns of Northwestern Ontario and to empower my riding and all small and rural communities across Canada who too often find themselves left behind in national politics.”

“The reason I was drawn to the Green Party is that it has excellent policies on a wide range of issues and I strongly believe that Green values and policies are the best for this great country of ours. The Greens have the best platform and the best leader. Becoming a Green Party MP has allowed me to maintain my independence and stand up for the interests of my constituents. At the same time, it enables me to represent Northern Ontario more effectively. I also now have access to the resources of a well-organized national party and I have the benefit of collaboration with Elizabeth May and her team,” continued Mr. Hyer.


“I am thrilled to welcome Bruce as our new Deputy Leader,” said Elizabeth May. “As Deputy Leader, Bruce will be instrumental in promoting Green policy initiatives in the House. His experience as a businessperson will be particularly important in positioning the Green Party as the true party for small business.”