Let’s keep GLI in the conversation about Medically Assisted Dying

Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands)
2021-02-23 13:28 [p.4439]

Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the hon. parliamentary secretary for a very helpful, thorough review of the government’s views on what has now come to this place from the other place.

I also wanted to focus, as his last remarks did, on some of his personal beliefs around the situation and the context for people in the disability community, the context for people who are experiencing extreme depression. We have to put that context in economic terms. We know that people who are in the disability community are far more likely to fall below the poverty line than able-bodied Canadians. It is a really significant crisis.

We experienced in CERB the ability to send a cheque for $2,000 to people across the country. I want to ask the hon. member if it is not time to look at guaranteed livable income as part of the package of public health measures, because poverty is the single largest component of health. As a social determinant of health, poverty is the largest measure. I know it is slightly unrelated to the debate on Bill C-7, but can we not move to eradicate poverty?