May Challenges Conservative MPs to an Omnibus Quiz

After the refusal of the Prime Minister to allow Conservative Members of Parliament to vote their conscience on any of the 700 amendments to C-38 during the Report Stage voting marathon last week, Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, is issuing a challenge to Conservative MPs. 

On Tuesday morning from 10 am –12 pm, Room 263-S, Centre Block, will become an examination room.   Any Conservative MP willing to demonstrate his or her knowledge of the content of Bill C-38 will be given a short written quiz.   A clean copy of the bill will be available to them for reference.

Any MP who receives a passing grade will have a tree planted in the location of his or her choice.

“This is an open-book, multiple-choice quiz,” explained May.  “I do not expect MPs to have memorized the bill, but, if they are not familiar with the legislation, they will find it difficult to achieve a good score.

“I have been concerned through all phases of the debate on C-38 that so many members of Mr. Harper’s caucus, including Cabinet Ministers, seem so unfamiliar with the devastating nature of the legislation they are passing,” May added.  “Before we take the final vote on C-38 Wednesday evening, I would like to be more reassured that at least some of the Conservative caucus has read the bill.”

Bill C-38 is scheduled for Third Reading on June 19.  The questions, answers, and scores will be made public before the final vote.