May receives ringing endorsement from Greens

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May received overwhelming support for her leadership in this summer’s internal party voting.  The leadership review resulted in 94.5% of votes supporting May.  “I am humbled by the immense support of my party and will continue to pour all of my energy into ensuring the Green Party’s values have a strong influence in Canadian politics,” said May.

This August marked the five year anniversary of Elizabeth May’s election as the Leader of the Green Party of Canada.  “It has been gratifying to be a part of the Green Party’s growth in Canada and now to be the first elected Green Member of Parliament; it is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Green Party can accomplish,” said May. “I so appreciate the support of our federal council, our team of dedicated staff and candidates, thousands of volunteers, and of course the voters as we continue to show Canadians an alternative, a fresh voice that represents what they care about.”

The Green Party is also happy to announce the re-election of John Streicker from the Yukon as President of the Party, and Ard Van Leeuwen and Pierre Tremblay as the English and French Vice-Presidents respectively.  “John’s steady hand will continue to guide the party to greater success and ensure our message is reaching Canadians,” said May. “I am grateful for the time and effort all of our volunteer federal council members give to the party.”

This is the third year the Green Party of Canada has conducted the voting online, and this year saw the highest voter participation yet with 23% of party members casting a ballot.  Kate Story was elected Treasurer, Drew Fenwick Manitoba Representative, David Coon for New Brunswick, Robert Miller for Newfoundland and Labrador, Richard Noel for Quebec and Kim Melton for the Territories.

May’s popularity within the Green Party membership has risen from the 85% approval rating at the last Green Party convention.  After winning the leadership in 2006, May ran in the London North Centre by-election that fall, winning 26% of the vote, the highest percentage ever for a Green Party candidate. When the general election was called in 2008, May beat her own record by bringing in 32% of the vote in Central Nova.  With a change of tactics and a decision to focus on electing the leader, the Green Party then asked May to run in British Columbia, where in the 2011 election, she won the seat of Saanich-Gulf Islands with over 46% of the vote.

“Elizabeth is truly one of a kind,” said Deputy Leader Adrianne Carr. “She has incredible energy and passion for the issues that affect every single Canadian’s life.  We are wonderfully lucky to have a leader with so much drive and intelligence.  Elizabeth is one of those rare visionaries who will change the world.”

“Elizabeth May has already shown herself to be an outstanding Member of Parliament,” said Ronald Wright, Victoria Island resident and author of A Short History of Progress. “She has depths of compassion for any individual in need and, despite her naysayers, she has made her presence in the House of Commons felt with key votes, insightful questions and bold positions.”