May’s assistance was priceless

Publication Source: Times Colonist
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Author: Jennifer Lannan

Re: “May’s whirlwind trip a waste of tax dollars,” May 18.

The hearing was not to defend the admittance of Emekoba on a temporary visa, but was instead for a permanent resident visa.

Which is a greater waste of tax payers’ money: the flight, or my incredibly mismanaged file that incurred thousands of dollars in management of documents, all because a smug bureaucrat had a power trip and made people suffer? I wouldn’t doubt that the Emekoba file being shuffled around the High Commission of Accra for three years has cost more by being there than a domestic flight in Canada.

Elizabeth May’s attendance at my hearing brought a new face to politicians. She should not be criticized for it. Her attendance has likely helped my family from falling apart and helped a little boy to have a complete family. The value in that future is priceless.

Ultimately, what costs more – community-based political and family support, or government support of singleparent families?

Jennifer Lannan
Saltspring Island

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