May’s leadership makes a positive difference

Publication Source: Times Colonist
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Author: Jan Slakov

Re: “It’s not easy being Green, but May is making it work,” May 2.

As the article points out, Elizabeth May manages to accomplish a great deal with limited resources.

She is seen as Canada’s “hardestworking politician.” It’s exciting to think of how quickly we could change course away from environmental destruction and eroding democracy and towards sustainability if May were prime minister.

She will not become prime minister overnight, but I now see what a huge difference one person can make. People who formerly supported other parties, including the Conservative Party, switch allegiances when they see that May’s leadership is aligned with their values, when they see that her leadership makes a positive difference for all of us.

Let’s not wait until the next election to work for the changes we need. Like May, we can speak respectfully to each other, regardless of our differences of opinion.

We can hold accountable those who squander our wealth, who lie to us. We can work with others to bring forward ideas and policies that provide hope for a healthy future.

Jan Slakov
Salt Spring Island

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