Rahim Jaffer meetings targeted in Green Party’s ethics complaint

Publication Source: iPolitics.ca
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Author: Sonya Bell

Elizabeth May is reviving an old conflict-of-interest complaint against former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer, calling for an investigation into whether business meetings he arranged with several Conservative government representatives – as with Industry Minister Christian Paradis – violated the ethics code.

May submitted a detailed and direct letter to Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson on Monday, naming MPs and staffers David Pierce, Doug Maley, Brian Jean, Sébastian Togneri and Helena Guergis as people who provided special treatment to Jaffer because of his former MP status. In it, she reminds Dawson that this issue was brought to her attention by Democracy Watch in May 2010, but was not ruled on.

Unlike Democracy Watch, May is owed a written response because she is a Member of Parliament. The Green Party leader asked for a prompt response this time around because what Democracy Watch found raises “serious questions.”

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