More leg room. But will he second that?

Publication Source: Macleans
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Author: Mitchel Raphael

Independent Bruce Hyer, who suggested this week that he was willing to rejoin the NDP, was given a new seat next to Green Leader Elizabeth May. Hyer was supposed to get May’s old spot, seat 309, the last seat in the House. But that seat backs onto the translation booth and is hard to manoeuvre into. So May let him have seat 308 because that seat can push back easily and Hyer is bigger guy. As of last week, May had not asked him to join the Green party but the two have a history. In the ’80s, May battled insecticide spraying against the spruce budworm in Nova Scotia. Hyer, an environmentalist, heard of May’s success and called her for advice for the same problem in Ontario. May hopes that Hyer will be an ally on some issues she wants to push forward in the House where she needs someone to second her.

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